Lens Magazine
August 2023, Issue #107

In this month's fantastic issue, we are incredibly excited to feature an intimate, exclusive interview with a legendary photographer, David LaChapelle | By Jose Jeuland.

LaChapelle is honored as the recipient of the 'Lorenzo il Magnifico' Lifetime Achievement Award at the "XIV Florence Biennale. International Exhibition of Contemporary Art and Design" for his unparalleled influence, imaginative artistry, and profound social messaging that has inspired artists worldwide. The prestigious award ceremony will take place at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence on October 17, 2023.

Please Notice: The interview is available ONLY digitally. Print Edition: Scan the QR and enjoy reading the interview online.

More in this issue: Dafna Navarro, CEO and Chief Editor at Lens Magazine recommends a special 'MASTER CLASS: Sandro Miller & Mark Edward Harris' in a unique article.

Aga Szydlik is featuring her fantastic latest project, 'The Anaconda and Jaguar | Story of Huaorani People'; Brice Gelot is featuring '167,' a documentary look at the Scampia district of Naples, Italy, the most dangerous neighborhood in Europe, which has become famous for its high crime rate and general state of disrepair.

All of this and so much more from fantastic photographers from all around the globe.