Georges Chakra

Beirut, Lebanon

Georges Chakra is a Beirut-based Lebanese haute couture fashion designer. Since 2001, he has presented collections at Paris Fashion Week. Chakra first established his brand in 1985. What started as a customized workshop for local and regional clientele has grown into an international haute couture fashion house, having dressed the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Lopez, Helen Mirren and more.

For the new Spring/Summer 2020 Couture Collection George Chakra pays tribute to his home country, Lebanon. The county’s frantic energy, its youth’s desire for freedom of rights and the recent mobilization are at the heart of the couturier’s work. The clothes breathe the sophistication, complexity and current reality of Lebanon.
The collection constructed in exotic hues, in aquamarine, fuchsia, coral, lime green and lilac, in tulle, multi-layered chiffon, silk and satin ruffles, floral embroidery and feathers all played a starring role.