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American Photography 39 Selected Winner

About The Award

The AI-AP juried award annuals, offering high visibility and well-derserved recognition where it matters most, are still published in all their large-format, luxurious, hardcover glory, staying true to their founding principles of celebrating great photographers and illustrators, lavishly showcasing commissioned and personal work that's ahead of its time, while honoring the publications, creatives and agencies responsible for assigning and utilizing the winning images. Students and schools are also celebrated right along side established and emerging artists.
Founded in 1982 by a committe of esteemed illustrators and art directors, AI-AP was created as a direct alternative to other leading organizations and companies of the day who it was thought were not recognizing uncoventional, "cutting-edge" work that was being produced by unheralded artists who were pushing the boundries of commercial work.
The acclaimed AI-AP books, objects of beauty and debate, published annually in November, are the first and foremost go-to resourses for art directors, designers, photo editors and art buyers who insist on asigning only the best original, thoughtful and compelling pictures.

Press Release

AP Jury:
Maïa Booker, Visuals Editor, The Wall Street Journal; David Cooper, Photo Director and Illustrator; Maura Friedman, Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic; Lauryn Hill, Photo Editor, WIRED; Amy Kellner, Senior Photo Editor, The New York Times Magazine; Robert Miller, Deputy Photo Director, The Washington Post; Laura Oliverio, Associate Photo Editor, CNN; Amy Silverman, Creative Lead, Photography, Airbnb; Allyson Torrisi, Deputy Director of Photography, People; Karen Williams, Freelance Photo Director and Producer, Black Visual Queen; Andrea Wise, Visuals Editor, ProPublica; Cengiz Yar, Deputy Editor, Rest of World