Neutral Density Photography Awards

4x Honorable Mention in the Category Fashion/Beauty, 1x Honorable Mention in the Category Conceptual

About The Award

The highly acclaimed ND AWARDS is a melting pot of some of the world’s most outstanding and talented souls in the field of photography where recognition, prestige and publicity are instantaneously gained by the winning entry.

The past couple of years have been an evident testament of the success of ND AWARDS on its journey towards becoming one of the most sought-after professional competitions among photographers. Our trademark is modern approach to photography coupled with respect towards tradition. In the spirit of reciprocity, at ND AWARDS, our participants are the center of the competition as this award-giving body cannot exist without its participants. The latter are just as equally important for us as we are for them. In the same vein, we illuminate the path to development as we continue to discover, inspire and find out track promotion for the best artists.

Unconventional approach and strong vision of development direction in photography are the reasons why ND AWARDS gained such enormous popularity. Aimed at all types of photography, ND AWARDS is the perfect platform where professionals compete in six main categories: Architecture, Editorial, Fine Art, Nature, People and Special. Amateurs can also vie for the title as they compete in five categories: Architecture, Fine Art, Nature, People and Special.

Press Release

HONOARABLE MENTION / 2021 / Fashion / Beauty
"Paint It Read!"

HONOARABLE MENTION / 2021 / Fashion / Beauty

HONOARABLE MENTION / 2021 / Fashion / Beauty
"On New Wings"

HONOARABLE MENTION / 2021 / Fashion / Beauty
"Virtual Summer"

HONOARABLE MENTION / 2021 / Conceptual

ND Jury:
Dora Somosi - artist & art consultant; Carl Corey - photographer; Fran Forman - photographer; Charles Griffin - griffin editions; Sybylla Smith - independent curator; Amos Mac writer & photographer; Natasha Volk - photographer; Angelo Cucchetto -fotografia in italia; Celia D. Luna - photographer; Aart Verrips - photographer; Flora Borsi -photographer; Michel Tremblay - zoom photo festival; Olina Bi - haida photo supplies; Paul Thompson - photographer; Shelby Knick - photographer; Ron Ceballos - congress mgmt.; Christy Lee Rogers - visual artist